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I'm Emily.


With over 12 years in Design, I've had a wide range of experience designing for museums and exhibits, a global best practice company, a Big Four professional services firm, a data privacy startup, and many small businesses. I believe in enriching the visual and human experience, and I think about design challenges holistically, from conception to execution.


While my background is in print design and branding, user experience has been at the core of my work from the very beginning, ranging from wayfinding through museums and conferences, creating real world interactive experiences adhering to ADA compliance, and improving the usability of websites, downloadable assets, and digital products. 


I put the customer/user/reader/viewer/learner experience at the center of everything I do. 

In addition to design, I have been a strategic partner within several roles implementing new visual identity systems and interim branding during company acquisitions, managing the transition of a sold off sector to a new brand and company name, and developing and deploying various branding systems as business priorities and go-to-market strategies change. Informed by brand archetypes, personas, and buyer's journeys, I have led and managed several initiatives to increase pipeline and elevate market presence through thoughtful guidance, and a commitment to standards and maintaining brand integrity. 

Personal Life

I am an artist, a maker, a storyteller. I love true crime podcasts, watching reality competition shows, and soup of any kind--even in the summer. 

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