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WireWheel Rebrand 2.0

Branding, website redesign, multichannel campaigns

After market research and competitive analysis, WireWheel was rebranded to be based around the Ruler archetype, while targeting marketing, IT, and CPO buying personas. WireWheel is an authority on data privacy, and takes every action possible to advance the trust economy. 


Through the implementation of three distinct sales plays, multichannel marketing campaigns have been stood up to strategically speak to the buying personas, and lead them through the funnel. Assets for the campaigns include blog posts, infographics, reports, case studies, demo videos, ebooks, white papers, webinars, free trainings with certification, social media graphics, paid ads through search, display, and social, and a unique in kind bi-annual Privacy Technology Conference with quarterly summits and regular webinars.


The WireWheel visual identity system is rooted in an abstraction of the WireWheel logo symbol, simplifying it into a hexagon. The individual angled lines of the hexagon serve as product identifiers, and when they come together to form the full polygon, the visuals speak to WireWheel as a whole.

Privacy Leader's Guide to Collaborating with IT

Landing page, paid ads, social media, white paper

While the CPO (Chief Privacy Officer) of a company is often the main buyer, collaboration from their IT counterparts is essential to managing privacy requests. This document aims to arm CPOs with the correct knowledge and language to drive buy-in from IT. As data privacy is a relatively new field, privacy teams and budgets are in their early stages. Managing and fulfilling DSAR requests (Data Subject Access Requests) can often be a burden for both privacy and IT teams, but WireWheel makes compliance easy and maintainable. 

CPRA vs. CCPA vs. GDPR Cheat Sheet

Landing page, paid ads, social media, cheat sheet

WireWheel's highest performing middle of funnel asset. This cheat sheet compares legislative requirements across CCPA, the revised version of CCPA titled CPRA, and the European law GDPR. This document is an evolving piece that is updated as guidelines and requirements change. Additional iterations include comparisons for Washington state and Virginia State, and infographics have also been created as a top of funnel asset to drive towards cheat sheet downloads.

Demo Request and Free CCPA Training

Landing page, paid ads, social media

A recently redesigned bottom of funnel demo request landing page was rewritten to clearly identify WireWheel's two distinct products, with parameters set up to capture and track conversions between the two product's CTAs. Ads speaking to WireWheel's automation and integration solutions utilize the hexagon shape, while ads speaking specifically to WireWheel's CCPA solution utilize a piece of the hexagon in combination with the state of California. 


A free CCPA training and certification, in collaboration with IAPP, enables privacy professionals to learn more about CCPA so that they can ensure compliance within their organizations. Artwork and ads utilize the forward slash (taken as a piece of the hexagon) to indicate CCPA.

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