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WireWheel Rebrand OG

Branding, website redesign, multichannel campaigns

The first of two rebrands for WireWheel, this iteration was based off of the Everyman brand archetype. 


Inspired by the customizable product, and the phrase "anything can be made out of a WireWheel," an interchangeable and configurable system was developed from the components of the WireWheel logo. The system includes an angular grid, deconstructed elements of the logo symbol, and playful patterns. An extensive color palette and mix-and-match gradients add to the depth and flexibility of the visual system.


The brand and website redesign aimed to make data privacy accessible and easy, while thought leadership assets and a new podcast series helped to educate anyone interested on compliance and regulations. 

The transparent spot varnish on printed collateral represents the idea of data privacy and its intangibility. 

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